Knife Skills: Knife Safety
Place of Learning: 
Distance Learning
Kitchen Classroom
Grade Level: 
6 – 8
9 – 12

The Edible Schoolyard Project
Berkeley, CA

Do you want to learn and practice knife skills to improve your cooking? The first step towards that is learning how to work with knives safely. This short lesson will explain a few important practices that help keep you safe as you develop and practice your skills. You’ll watch a short video and then answer a few questions about what you learned in the video. Then you’ll practice what you’ve learned and prepare a simple snack of cut vegetables.
Student Learning Goals & Objectives: 
  • Understand how to hold a knife safely.
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Teaching Notes: 
  • This activity asks students to practice using tools and develop skills in the kitchen.
  • This activity supports students in becoming more confident in the kitchen.
  • If your child is not used to using knives, we recommend supervising and supporting them asthey develop their skills.
  • Read Supporting Students to Take Age-Appropriate Risk to learn more about our approach to encouraging responsibility and independence in the kitchen for youth.
  • If students are completing this lesson as part of the kitchen curriculum Cooking with Curiosity: Challenging Perfection with Reflection this lesson is 1.4: The fourth lesson of Unit 1.
  • Some lesson plans are formatted as a fillable PDF so that students can answer the questions and return the document as if it were a worksheet. We recommend testing this functionality with your technology as it varies by device and operating system. If it does not work for you, consider using a google form or having students answer the questions in a new document and submitting their answers to you that way.