Reflecting on Food - New Food Rituals


When is food joyous for you? Is there a moment that involves eating in your day that you look forward to? This short reflection activity will help you think about your food rituals or routines and practice gratitude.

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  • Computer or other device to view the video
  • Paper and pen or pencil

Listen to this short reflection prompt on food rituals: “Reflecting on Food - New Food Rituals”


Respond to the prompt by writing or drawing. 

Student Notes

Want to share your response or do more reflection activities? 

  • We would love to see your responses and post them on our social media platforms! If you would like to share with us, please ask permission from a parent or guardian. Tell them to fill out our Media Release Form. Send the signed form along with your response to Edible Schoolyard at
  • Try the Food Memory Activity or Family Smell Memory Activity. Both of these activities involve reflecting and remembering past experiences and writing about them. 

Edible Schoolyard Project (2020 April, 23). Reflecting on Food - New Food Rituals. [Video]. Retrieved from

Notes for Teachers/Parents
  • The student notes section of this document details ways to engage further. One of the prompts suggests students share their response. That section requests that students get permission and that parents fill out a media release form. Send the signed form along with your video to Edible Schoolyard at
  • This activity supports students in practicing reflection and gratitude. Encouraging students to identify moments of joy connected to food within their day and spend time describing those moments is a form of gratitude practice. 
  • This activity supports development of a relationship with food.
  • This activity supports development of the ability to reflect.

Authored by Nick Lee