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Virtual training to support edible educators

Understanding Organic Webinar Series

Join us for a mini-series of three webinars that will highlight the Understanding Organic curriculum and provide practical tips for organic growing in school garden spaces. Each webinar will run for roughly 90 minutes and be open to the public, free of charge, and with no cap on attendance. Please register for each webinar individually below. 

October 14th 4:00pm Pacific Time – An Introduction to Understanding Organic 

In this opening session, participants will consider the multiple meanings of organic and learn about the Understanding Organic curriculum. This webinar will feature Curriculum Specialist Raquel Vigil in conversation with gardening mentor, meditation instructor, and Edible Schoolyard Curriculum Advisor Wendy Johnson. This webinar will conclude with questions from the audience.

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October 21st 4:00pm Pacific Time – Organic Practices for School Gardens

The principles and practices of organic agriculture are invaluable for nurturing a healthy garden. This session will explore organic approaches to soil fertility, planting, propagation, and pest management. The  webinar will include breakout discussions and opportunities for participants to share strategies for organic garden management. We will conclude with examples from the Understanding Organic curriculum on how to teach youth organic practices while highlighting the values that inform them.

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October 28th 4:00pm Pacific Time – Taking Action on Organic

The Understanding Organic curriculum invites students to explore a multitude of issues connected to organic agriculture through instructional practices that center engagement and advocacy. Lead designer Raquel Vigil will highlight learning strategies from the curriculum that support teachers to lead explorations of complex topics such as labor in the food system, climate impacts of agriculture, and access to organic. This participatory webinar will include breakout discussions and opportunities for participants to share their approaches to teaching issue based curricula.

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Training Archive

Click here to view two webinars from fall 2020 on key instructional strategies and approaches to implement our Cooking with Curiosity curriculum.

Click here to see the series of four virtual events from Summer Training at Home 2020 that explore various strategies for adapting to distance learning.

Summer Training at Home 2021

Thanks to all who were able to join, learn, and cook with us at this year's Summer Training at Home. The event took place virtually from June 14th-25th. 

Each of the workshops was designed to be as engaging, joyful, and dynamic as our annual in-person gathering. This focus on participatory learning meant that the sessions were not recorded and no videos will be available for viewing. You can read more about each of the sessions below. 

We look forward to announcing a new series of training events at the start of the next school year. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you hear about it first! 


June 14th 9:00am PT – Opening Session: Grounding Ourselves in the Work

In this opening session, participants will be welcomed to Summer Training at Home and set the stage for the next two weeks of learning.  Executive Director Angela McKee-Brown will welcome attendees and Senior Program Manager Nick Lee will lead them in reflecting on their inspiration and motivation for teaching with food.

This session will run for 45 minutes.

June 14th 10:00am PT – A Conversation with Alice Waters and Neil Smith

Listen in as Chef Alice Waters and former MLK Jr. Middle School Principal, Neil Smith, discuss the founding of the Edible Schoolyard Project, share lessons learned over 25 years of edible education and explore the hopeful solution of school supported agriculture. Participants will be able to submit questions in advance of the session.

This webinar will run for 60 minutes.

June 15th 10:00am PT – Food Memory Workshop

Please note: this session is full and registration has closed.

While applying the lifelong-learning skill of reflection, participants will contemplate the undeniable power of food to indelibly connect us to a person, place, or time. This session, led by Senior Chef Teacher and Kitchen Operations Manager Esther Cook, is open to anyone interested in examining their own relationship to food. Participants will have a chance to capture and share their food memories and discuss how their personal relationship with food impacts their teaching practice.

This session will run for 60 minutes. Limited to 50 particpants. 

June 16th 11:00am PT – Edible Education Micro Talks

Please note: this session is full and registration has closed.

Nobody knows everything, together we know a lot. This session provides space for attendees to share their experiences, challenges, and perspectives on edible education. Participants will either share a micro (~8 min) talk or listen to fellow attendees speak. You do not need to present in order to attend. If you choose to present, you may share a story, a resource, a key insight, or anything else you think might help your fellow educators. If you are interested in presenting please complete the relevant sections on the registration page.

This session will run for 60 minutes. Limited to 100 participants.

June 17th 12:00pm PT – Lunch and Learn: Beans, Greens, and Sorrel

Cook your lunch with Chef Liesha! In this cook along class, you will prepare a flavorful vegan combination of red beans, collard greens, cornbread and a classic Caribbean drink, sorrel. Chef Liesha and Community Advocate Viola Shackelford will discuss the breadth of culinary diversity within the African diaspora and offer entry points for learning about and teaching Black foodways. Recipes and shopping lists will be shared in advance so that participants can purchase ingredients. ESYP can support with ingredient costs, if needed.

This session will run for 90 minutes.  

June 18th 1:00pm PT – An Anti-Racist Learning Journey

Professor Jacqueline Simmons of Teachers College at Columbia University and Edible Schoolyard Executive Director Angela McKee-Brown will present on the Anti-Racist Learning Journey that they have lead the Edible Schoolyard team in over the past two years. This session will introduce the concept of a learning journey and provide resources to support your learning journey.

This webinar will run for 90 minutes. 

June 18th 3:00pm PT – Equity and Expectations

Chef Teacher Liesha Barnett and Kelly Carlisle, the Executive Director of Acta Non Verba, will share stories from their work teaching equity-focused garden, cooking, and leadership lessons to youth of all ages at Acta Non Verba.  Chef Liesha and Kelly will share how they center equity in their work in everything from choosing curriculum and content to program design.  Participants will learn how Chef Liesha and Kelly provide joyful, exciting food experiences that focus first on empowering youth and also provide health and wellness knowledge.

This webinar will run for 30 minutes followed by a 20 minute Q&A and discussion section.

June 21st 1:00pm PT – A Garden Tour at the Edible Schoolyard Berkeley

Senior Garden Teacher Jason Uribe will lead a virtual tour around the Edible Schoolyard garden and share what we are growing, how we have designed the space for students, and offer ideas for garden improvement projects. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and learn more about how the Edible Schoolyard team manages their garden.

This session will run for 45 minutes. 

June 22nd 2:00pm PT – Tech Tips Swap Meet

The past year required so many of us to learn, hone, and creatively apply technology skills as we adapted to distance learning. Many of the skills and tools we've learned will continue to serve us as we return to in-person learning. This session will hold space for participants to learn from one another about ways that technology can support their edible education practice going forward.  The session will be interactive with many opportunities to share, ask, questions, and discuss.  You do not need to present in order to attend.  If you are interested in sharing please complete the relevant sections on the registration page.

This session will run for 60 minutes.

June 23rd 3:00pm PT – Resources from the Community

This resource sharing session will feature short presentations by leading organizations in the school garden and food education field as well as opportunities for participants to share resources of their own. Edible education experts from Life Lab, School Garden Support Organization Network (SGSO), and the Office of Farm to Fork from the California Department of Food and Agriculture will share curriculum and fundraising resources.

This session will run for 60 minutes.

June 24th 5:00pm PT – Family Nights In: A Community Cooking Class

Please note: this session is full and registration has closed.

Build community through an online family cooking class! Senior Teacher and Family Engagement Manager Griselda Cooney will lead a cook-along class for families, modeling the Family Nights In program that she has run for the school community at MLK Jr. Middle School this year. Griselda will be joined by Chef Teachers Ms. Cook and Ms. Tais and members of the school PTA to share about how they adapted the in-person Family Nights Out cooking classes to this virtual model. Recipes and shopping lists will be shared in advance so that participants can purchase ingredients. ESYP can support with ingredient costs, if needed.

This session will run for 90 minutes. Limited to 30 participants and their families.