Coloring Together: The Anatomy of a Wheat Kernel


Coloring, sometimes considered a child's activity, is a documented stress reliever for all ages! It is also a great visual learning tool. In this activity, color together with your family while you learn about the anatomy of a wheat kernel. While you color, consider using the prompts to have a conversation about wheat!

  • Coloring Sheets for every family member
  • Colored pens, pencils, or markers

Learn as you color. Use the Anatomy of a Wheat Kernel coloring sheet and color it in as you please. Read information about wheat kernel parts and label them.


Use these prompts as conversation starters.

  • Talk about what you know about wheat and flour. Share about some things you want to learn or questions you have. Learn all about wheat and flour in this Flour Power lesson.
  • Many delicious foods contain flour, such as pasta, baked goods, pizza, etc. Share some of your favorite recipes with each other. If you are gluten-free, talk about what that means for you and which wheat alternatives you like.
  • Do you have a food memory that involves wheat? Share and encourage each other to be as descriptive as possible. Can you remember where you were? What you smelled, touched, saw?
  • Eat while you draw. Before you draw, try making our Create Your Own: Seasonal Fruit Muffin recipe.  
  • Make a night out of drawing and eating! Have a make your own pizza night as a family and color as an after-dinner activity.
  • Discuss your personal preferences around whole wheat vs. white flour and what influenced those choices.
  • Discuss if you eat local and organic wheat products. Discuss if local and organic wheat is available to you.

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Notes for Parents

Authored by Raquel Vigil