Call for Citizen Scientists

Update 6-16-20: We are fully enrolled with 25 students participating as citizen scientists.  Please email if you would like to be included on email updates about future trials. Thank you!

We need your help with a research project! The Edible Schoolyard is seeking 25 students for a citizen science project investigating how the age of seeds affects seed viability (whether or not they grow).

Citizen scientists will receive three packets of seeds of different ages, instructions and materials to conduct the experiment, and a data log to complete. At the conclusion of the experiment, scientists will submit their data online to be combined into a larger data set. That aggregate data will be returned to students for analysis and to draw conclusions about the effects of age on seed viability.

What is a Citizen Scientist?

You may be curious about the term “Citizen Scientist.”  A citizen scientist is anyone who voluntarily collects and submits data for specific scientific projects. For example, a scientist studying air quality could organize a way for people to send in pictures of the skyline where they live.

Oftentimes, scientists can only make important discoveries if they have a large set of data that they can analyze. Citizen scientists play a crucial role in helping build these data sets.

By participating in this experiment about seed viability, you will help improve everyone’s understanding about how best to grow a bountiful and beautiful garden. Thank you!

Requirements for Citizen Scientists:
  • Curiosity about the natural world and plants
  • Willingness and responsibility to check experiment and record results daily (5 minutes each day)

If this sounds like a good fit for you, send an email to with your name and mailing address and we'll send you a packet containing all you need to complete your experiment. Supplies are limited, contact us soon if you wish to participate!

Authored by Nick Lee